January 2018

- Elisa Duwez is #21 on the TOP 25 bands 2017 on BANKS RADIO (Australia)
- my track 'this is not a love song feat Babette Duwez' is on the top 15 songs of the year 2017 on Belter Radio (uk)
- my tracks on rotation on the Wild Dougs Radio (US) on the 'Morning Bounce show' since February 2018
my track
Bismark Sdg Skoopman =>
- is #1 on the top 10 on Belter Radio (uk)
-is #14 on the top 25 of the overall chart on radio indie Alliance
- entered the playlist of look fm radio (fr)
- entered the playlist of Riff radio (us) (radio Indie FreeForm)
- entered the playlist of CKVL fm (Canada)
- still on the June playlist of Lucky Star radio (us)
- entered the playlist of Tri Lakes radio with the Colorado Phil show (us)
- is played on the 'Rawk Dawg radio show" on PRZ 91,1 fm radio with Doug Russ (us)
- has been played on the Weston Simonis show on Keol radio 91,7 fm (Oregon/us)
- has been #1 on only1 radio (France) on May 2017
- has been played on voices of the Valley fm (australia) and Keol radio (us) and so many other radios
- is #12 on the top 20 sweet sundays sounds on Valley fm 89,9 radio (Australia)
- has been on the May playlist of Radio Tour ( San luis/Argentina)
- ELISA DUWEZ music and history has been presented by ZEL FLORIZEL on KCEG radio(us)


Only 1 radio,/Puisaleine fm/Boomerang /radio Galaxie/Rind Radio/Radio Plus fm/.NC Radio/ only fm (France)/Radio Vertigo 1/radio Hemingway/Radio Dance Roma//

Radio Piemonte Torino(Italy)Trilakes radio/Keol Radio Oregon /Lucky Star radio/Diversity Radio(us)/Poze radio/hkl radio cali (Colombia)/ radio Tour 100,7 (San Luis/Argentina)

/Club Dance radio (Netherland)/VALLEY FM 89.5 /Banks Radio(Australia)/Zone Radio (Cape Town/South Africa)/Sword radio /Belter Radio (uk)


Hervé Trance Fridays radio Puisaleine(France)/ 'Music on the road' radio Hemingway dj Angelo (Italy)/ Boudoir (dj Danny B) (Italy) radio Med 91,3fm(Italy)/

the Weston Simonis show (la Grande /US) /Juan Carlos show radio tour(San Luis Argentina) /"Brucia di invidia, solo grandi successi!"( Italy ) with Raffaella Piccirillo/

Technoverdrive with Jean Philippe (Saturdays radio Plus fr) /Rob Stangle show (Baltimore US) /Electroboom radio Boomerang Fridays dj Faly/Mika/

Renee live show (US )/ the Colorado Phil show (Tri Lakes Radio) us/the Index Files with Diggy Cat (us)/Sweets Sunday sounds (Banks radio Australia)

/Indies with Angel (Mondays Belter radio uk)/Random Alley (Diggy Cat us)/dj Sam Pascal (Remzouille Radio Saturdays)/No Hoops required (Zone Radio Cape town)/

The Voices of the World Elisete Retter Mondays (radio shiga)

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